December 17, 2008

Quick Update

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The year end holiday season is just around the corner and it has been absolute madness in my lil part of the world.

Am rushing to finish off editing and deliver pictures to a few of my couples before Christmas next week and I’ve got portrait and wedding sessions to shoot from this Thursday till Sunday. Yowza!

This means my regular blog posts will only commence next week. Yaaaa, I lied about blogging this week. Bad, bad blogger :p

Frankly speaking, I’m feeling abit overwhelmed (gasp!) but fret not - with a bit of caffeine and the usual Anna hyperness, I’ll be “Wheeeeee!”-ing my way through it all :D

In the meantime, here’s a lil preview of Raymond and Cilla’s awesome session. Can’t wait to share more of this lovely couples’ pictures. Wheeee!


Yes they’re not in focus in this pic, the hanging ferns (or whatever you call them) are ;p Will share the focused version in the proper post. I just like the feel of this one :) 153-2.jpg

Ok, I’ll be back in a jiffy. Enjoy the rest of the week!

8 Responses to “Quick Update”

  1. Mark L Says:

    Wow I like the out of focus shot. It seems very nice to me!

  2. RaymondCilla Says:

    oh golly! these are really beautiful work Anna! Both of us are eager to see the rest of your work! anyhow, take care and hope to see you REAL soon :)

    Raymond & Cilla

  3. ian Says:

    I like it already! Post the rest girl!!

  4. Alex Voon Says:

    Good luck to u all the way Anna !

  5. Jollence Says:

    Good! more work.

  6. zaza Says:

    love the OOF shot. :)

  7. Vera Says:

    So cool! The beautiful lady happens to be a very close fren of mind and am really happy that she’ll experience your wonderful work and from the looks of it…….I can only say WOW!!!

  8. DorisJ Says:

    Love it! can’t wait to see the rest..
    take care and enjoy your shootings..

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