December 10, 2008

I’m in Men’s Health!

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Cover pic of the Malaysian edition of Men’s Health (Dec 08), shot by one of BluInc’s inhouse photogs.

No, no. That’s NOT me! :p Hehe…

It’s Jonathan Wong, one of the founders of Pushmore Fitness Centre. He’s on the cover of December issue of Men’s Health, which coincidentally is also the issue which contains some pics I shot recently. Congrats to JW on appearing on the cover of MH!

So, when I said I’m in Men’s Health, I didn’t mean literally, just some pictures that I shot. Hehe…

Much thanks to Eric and Kenneth for giving me the opportunity to shoot for the mag! Here are digicam shots of part of the spread in the magazine.




On a separate note, I’ve got a few blog posts lined up with pictures from my recent wedding shoots in Kota Kinabalu as well as couple portraiture sessions in Kuala Lumpur.

Looking forward to posting them up soon, but my plates full at the mo as I’ve been working (and working out :p) round the clock on completing a few sets of photos before the holiday season arrives.

The blog posts will have to wait for a lil while more :( Hopefully by early next week *fingers crossed*. Nevertheless, thanks for dropping by and do swing by next week to check out the new pics ya?


9 Responses to “I’m in Men’s Health!”

  1. Rainee Says:

    Hi Anna, I just love reading your blog! I too, have muscular arms but am really embarrassed about it. I feel so unfeminine about them. Wished I could show them off like you do! You obviously are very comfortable with your body - muscle and all. BTW how do you keep your thighs and calves so slim and nice! (saw them on one of the entries on your blog).

    From reading your blog, I can see you have so much passion in your work - and that is so amazing. Congrats on your photos appearing in the magazine. I can’t believe you self taught yourself to make such beautiful photos on your blog. I will certainly come back to check out new pics on your blog.

  2. jengae Says:

    Hi Anna,

    This is awesome, i don’t know how many times u’ve been in Magz “behind the camera” but i’ve always wanted to see ur shots in magz. This is one super awesome shots frm you! Really adore how you shot n processed them.

    congrats anyway! almost forgot to say this.


  3. Val Aziz Says:

    The first thing I saw on the cover is “Seduce her in 15 seconds flat”..aiyaaa wat happened to the full fledge over the moon seduction wohhh…is this wat they r teaching the boys nowadays…rugilah we..

  4. Anna-Rina Says:

    Rainee: Thanks again for dropping by :)
    Jengae: Thank you! Credit goes to Men’s Health’s designer as well cos I passed them the raw pics and he edited them.
    Val: Yeaaaaa, gone are those days of romance ;p

  5. ian Says:

    Woopee! Mag shots! Great poses Anna!

  6. pirut Says:

    awesome anna! :)

  7. Glenn Guan Says:

    sifu anna rawwwwkkksss!!!!

  8. DorisJ Says:

    Congratulation Anna ;-)

  9. Gallivanter Says:

    Great shots, that number 2, what DJ mixer brand is that?

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