December 4, 2008

Tak Nak

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The lack of activity on the blog is because I’m back in Kota Kinabalu for a couple of shoots this coming weekend. Been busy with editing and catching up with the family.

Wasn’t planning on blogging about this because some people might think it’s not very nice for my clients and blog readers to know this about me. But what the hey :p



Ermm..I’m still thinking whether or not to go through with this.

Arrrrrggggggghhh! Okay okay. I’ll do it.

Wendell and I just agreed on quitting smoking together.

Yes. I smoke. A lot. Ironic I know, but one of the main reasons why I workout so much is so that I can keep my vices.

But since Mr. Wendell “Jom let’s quit smoking together” Gingging decided to bet with me that we’ll both quit smoking on January 2, 2009 (last cigarette before midnight of January 1, 2009. Gasp!), I said okay (why did I say okay?!!?).

Not only that, we have both agreed to participate in the half marathon category of the Borneo International Marathon come October 2009 (double gasp!).

I tried quitting smoking in 2007 with a public declaration on flickr (you can check it out here) and I’m trying it again in 2009. Godspeed!

Pic on left shot by Nee On and pic on right was an x-ray I got nearly 2 years ago. Oh and if you wanna know about my wonky backbone, just click on the link :p

Anyway, the first one to be spotted smoking by any one of our witnesses, will have to buy the winner a meal at Salut (a seafood place in KK) which will include AT LEAST 1kg prawns and 1kg softshell crabs.

So geng KK, please report to me if any of you see Wendell smoking ok?? for me, urmmm…whoever sees me smoking in KL can email Wendell the time and date that you saw me smoking.

Let the games begin….on January 2, 2009 :p

Edit: Wendell just texted me and said “If u tapuk2 smoke tidak kira”. LOLOLOL!!

20 Responses to “Tak Nak”

  1. saifulrizan Says:

    uh, well…

    good luck.

  2. Alex Voon Says:

    Wow… A very hard decision LOL !! I always tell my friend that i want to quit smoking and they always teased me like “if u wanna quit smoking ahh u better quit eating rice 1st larrrr” haha! Anyway good luck !

  3. sand Says:

    wahh.. ur biceps damn cun. btw, what do u do to train up ur triceps? i’m having flabby arms =p
    anyway, gluck on quitting smoking. say “TAK NAK!”

  4. edrie Says:

    LOLOL! hey, will the person who spots/caught either one of you smokes after jan 2nd, will I be treated to salut as well? And can I add oysters to the orders? muahaha *rubs palms*

  5. andrea Says:

    glad to hear that.. I support you emotionally…. not smoking I mean…

  6. Murphy Says:

    This is hard. I quit once for more than 2 years, but took up this habit again due to work stress. We need very strong determination. Just “stop”, not “TRY to stop.”
    All the best.

  7. DorisJ Says:

    how if terbalik? i spotted you smoking but i diam2…ngau chap damai pun ok bah..he hehe..

    Anyways…Anna can do it! ;-)

    good luck !

  8. gerry Says:

    Chayo Chayo~!!!…But rili bah u wan to quit??? hehehehe *evil grin*…but yyyyyyyy?????? hahahahahhahahahah

  9. nong Says:

    I would agree with Murphy, its a tough decision. If anybody can do it, sure enuf you can lah geng!! You know i’ll be there in Salut too (joining in the meal) if you were caught..heheheh..At least this could be a motivation mah..

    If you can survive at least a week, I can still say..geng at least you did it for a week!! Keep it up..if there’s a will, there’s a way, insyAllah.

  10. Mark Says:

    All the best!

  11. Eudora Says:

    It wouldn’t be easy but I’m sure you can do it ! Good luck ! You go lady ! :)

  12. Jollence Says:

    It has been a while I didn’t see Wendell smoke, since he stop doing tour guiding. I thought he quit. I hope this will it lah.

  13. Anna-Rina Says:

    Whoa. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes! I will do this, I CAN do this! :p

    Edrie: Bukan main lagi ko, add in oysters summore. Eh but if Wendell and I don’t smoke till the half marathon, you belanja both of us la want or not? Hehehehe…

  14. Says:

    kamarin si wendell isap sigup. sa nampak

  15. Edm Says:

    fuah! anna! i support you! you sure can make it! just dooo eeeetttt~

  16. che'pon Says:

    you can do it…..good luck…

  17. pirut Says:

    duii.. susah juga oo.. :) kalau sa, nanti tahun depanlah.. hehe..

  18. edrie Says:

    hahaha..cannnn! I’ll “spend” you guys if you really do it and keep it up until the 3rd marathon. ;P

  19. Iskandar Azaman Says:

    Woo Hoo…Scoliosis!

  20. Jackie Says:

    In some countries, the government unbanned chewing gums in order to help smokers quit smoking. It somehow works. Maybe you would like to add this on your list to help quit smoking. :D

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