December 1, 2008

In Shape

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Warning: This is another ’shameless’ post totally unrelated to photography. 

Hey guess who’s in December’s Malaysian edition of Shape magazine?

Yes, the shameless photographer strikes again (or as my housemate Ninie likes to joke, “the most photographed photographer” :p). But this time round, it’s not related to photography :p

Picture from Shape magazine, it was shot by one of BluInc’s inhouse photographer.

On another note, I just noticed that the number of comments in this blog has passed 650 comments. Wheeeee!

To celebrate the fact that other people do read this blog and I am not just talking to myself half the time (at least I don’t think I am :p), a new blog design will be coming soon. When the time comes, you my friend, will be the first to know (abadennnn??)

Thank you, yes YOU, for taking the time to read this lil blog of mine and for checking out the pictures that I post up here.

For those who have left their comments here, I truly appreciate your kind words, feedback and general tokkok ;p It really does make my day *skips with joy*.

Have an awesome week ahead! :D

13 Responses to “In Shape”

  1. Alex Voon Says:

    Congrats for the 650 comments! But most of the times u didnt really reply to your own post’s comments eh? :)

  2. HLiza Says:

    I noticed you in that mag look so georgous there! Even that muscle looks femininely sexy!

  3. Mark Says:

    LOL you should be carrying huge camera gear to even prove the point even more.

    Totting around with a huge 1Ds Mk3 with the 500mm lens :D

  4. jazzmint Says:

    so who took that shot for u :P

  5. Anna-Rina Says:

    Alex: Yaaaaa. Cos I don’t know whether or not ppl read back on what they commented :p Hahaha!
    HLiza: Thank you :D Photoshop maaa. Hehe
    Mark: Sounds like a good idea! I’ll wait for you to buy me the camera and lens first *waits, waits, still waiting* ;p
    jazzmint: Dunno the photogs name wohh, it’s one of BluInc Publication’s many inhouse photographer leh. Later I check.

  6. Eva Alphonz Says:

    A very pretty photographer :)

  7. JOhnhans Says:

    EH ! you dont look so manly here which is good . atleast its clear which way u swing.

  8. Karen Says:

    a very ladylike pic… well done… the BlueInc inhouse photographer… :P

  9. antonia Says:

    u go anna!!

    u inspire a lot of ppl =)

  10. pestkwn Says:

    A good article and a nice photographed photographer! :)

  11. Calvin Says:

    Just to reassure you that you are not talking to yourself. I read your blog daily and enjoy every single post of your blog. Keep it up Anna..

  12. ena Says:


  13. Tee Says:

    Hello, Love your Art. I actually read your blog (all of it from 2007 to date) in one sitting and took time to admire all the wonderful photos!

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