November 29, 2008

My Best Friend’s Wedding :)

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Before I begin, I would just like to explain that photos in this set were watermarked quite extensively as I found out that some personal shots were ’stolen’ from Facebook and used on another website under another person’s name. Whoever this person is, appreciate if you can respect a photographers rights and give credit where its due.

Okay, having gotten the above off my chest, let us continue on with our regular programming :)


Intan and Rudy met during my quarter century birthday party and from thereon, sparks flew.

While it was subtle initially, I could already tell they had something for each other. Come to think of it, since he asked me about her AND she asked me about him, it was rather obvious to me ;p

They’ve been through many ups and downs and I know it hasn’t been easy to get to where they are today. I still remember the moment when I found out from Intan that Rudy had proposed to her at Niagara Falls. I was absolutely ecstatic!

Rudy, on behalf of the rest of the monkeys, thank you. Thank you for loving Intan the way you do, thank you for making her the happiest I’ve ever seen her be. But if I ever see her unhappy, you better watch out cos a certain somebody’s ‘muskels’ are gonna squash you. Heheheh…I kid, I kid.

And Intan, we’ve been friends for yonks and I’ve got no regrets at all about all the stuff that we’ve gone through (yes, even the times when we didn’t speak to each other for a whole year! hahahahah). Even though you’re now somebody’s wife, you’ll always be our best friend.

Take care of each other and I wish upon you both happiness,  success, love and tons of fun! Oh, and lets not forget great sex too :p

And about the speech that you want me to do later during your dinner reception later, let me warn you that I’ll either end up swearing like a sailor or bawling like a baby :p Talking about that, I haven’t prepared the speech yet. Eeeks! See you newlyweds later :)

Love, Anna.

The solemnisation ceremony was held at Intan’s parents house back in Kota Kinabalu. Here’s some of my favourite shots from the day.



Disclaimer: We were mocking kawaii poses!! We don’t do this all the time!! *shy* :p Heheh…’The Monyets’ shot by Carliff. Ta!
















After the solemnisation ceremony, we headed off to Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Resort, where we took some casual portraits with Rudy’s family and also the newlyweds :)







Congratulations again Intan and Rudy :)

9 Responses to “My Best Friend’s Wedding :)”

  1. antonia Says:

    great photography, i like your photos, i like your personality…

    and the bride is VERY beautiful =) =)

    love the last 4 photos, stunning!!

  2. Alex Voon Says:

    Another nice series ! But the pics u posted here seems like err… not enough hehe… :)

  3. chegu carol Says:

    My first time commenting here.
    I’ve been following your blog quite awhile already bah.
    But just could not tahan seeing the person who stole ur pic and have the gut to cut your face out from it.
    Berani sungguh!

    Anyways, enjoy your shots-be it wedding or non-wedding shots.

  4. Asther Says:

    As always… love your work! Full of energy & happiness! Hahaha…

    Went to the other site. I’m guessing it’s the 3rd photo dat guy stole frm you, kan? Did you tell him off? I very the geram. Think gona give him some of my honest opinion. :P

  5. jazzmint Says:

    as usual love the jump shot…

    ish, why that fella so teruk one…..slap him/her…

  6. Intan Says:

    Dearest Anna,

    Both of us……. especially me…. are really grateful to have you as our best friend. Even though in the past we did have disagreements with each other but yet you were always there for me when i needed a friend to bitch, and a shoulder to cry on. And we are deeply honoured and happy that you were the one who took our photos during our Akad Nikah… :) Again you and the rest of the monkeys are the best!!! and your photos are beautiful!! hehehhe coz i look good in your photos!!!!!

  7. JACQ Says:

    Hey Anna, I just realised that you’re my senior in All Saints lah (cuz of Niney & Intan)! LOL! That was slow of me to realise! And wow.. I haven’t seen Intan since like, ‘97! She looks beautiful as always! Congrats Intan & Rudy!

  8. Peky Says:

    Eh.. i like the family photo with shades on!! Very cool leh.. like matrix! ;)

  9. ikram Says:

    andy pakai jeans je? apara. haha tak boleh bawak majlis langsung kalau adik pun drummer.

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