September 28, 2008

Terence & Nicole’s Wedding Day

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I was back in KK again on the weekend of September 20 to shoot Terence and Nicole’s church ceremony as well as dinner reception at Hyatt Hotel (yes, where Shenanigans is! Woot! ;p)

As expected, the church ceremony went smoothly and the dinner reception was an absolute hoot! Terence and Nicole obviously had tons of fun celebrating their union and they had soooo much fun that I can’t post up half of the dinner reception pics cos it would be totally wrong for me to expose their ‘naughty’ side on the www. Hehe..

Instead, I’m gonna post up some of my favourite ’safer’ shots from the church ceremony as well as the dinner reception.

From the church ceremony…









From the dinner reception…






The following two pictures are nothing to shout about, but I’m posting them up cause whenever I look at them I just laugh to myself ;p

While I’ve had my fair share of absolutely fun and CRAZY weddings, this was the first time I rushed to shoot the groom in the gents (and half an hour later, the bride in the ladies :p). Suffice to say, the rest of the pictures are for their personal viewing. Hehehe…

After getting the shot that I needed during the toasting session, I turned to my side and saw one of the guests taking a shot so I just decided to take a shot of him. When I turned back to Terence and Nicole (who were on stage with their family members), I saw that they were all looking at me and laughing :p I think they must’ve thought it was funny that I was shooting the uncle who was shooting them :p


Terence and Nicole, I had an absolute blast covering your wedding day and I hope you two have fun in Boracay! Nanti kita jumpa di KK ok? :D Hugs


September 14, 2008

Cindy & Matthew - Wedding Reception

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Besides shooting (not literally!) baby Isaac when I was back in KK, my main purpose for going back was to cover Cindy and Matthew’s wedding reception at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Beach Resort. 

Cindy and Matthew are both Malaysians, who ironically met in Ireland :p They contacted me via email a couple of months back and I was able to meet them when they flew back to Malaysia a week plus before the reception.

As the reception was a small affair with approximately 100 guests, we had the time to take some casual portraits the morning of the reception. 

All the below shots were taken at the compound of the hotel. Enjoy! :)








Cindy and Matthew, thanks for choosing me before even meeting up with me in person. Luckily for you I’m not a madwoman arrr!! ;p Hehehe…I had fun shooting you both and much thanks to your family members as well for being so nice :)

All the best in Ireland and keep in touch!

September 10, 2008

Raphael & Melor - Wedding Receptions

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Having shot Raphael and Melor’s solemnisation ceremony in July, I knew I was in for a good time when their wedding receptions (yes, plural not singular) came around.

They had TWO receptions - the first being a casual poolside affair where the groom was pimped out in a Travolta-ish white suit and the bride was decked out in bling, a lovely dress and comfy shoes. The second reception was a tad bit more formal where Raphael and Melor really looked like king and queen of the day. Don’t play-play arr.

Both receptions were held at the Cempaka International School and there were performances galore by the schools’ teachers and students. The first reception had synchronised swimming (I kid you not!) and Chinese drums performance and the second one was like a mini concert with students serenading the newly weds and guests with love songs. Man, they were so good that one would really think that they’re professionals!

The second reception was really memorable because towards the end of it, there was a short video clip presentation. It was a videoclip of Raphael and Melor together with their family members (yes, including both sets of parents!) lip synching to a few oldies but goldies.

I’m not even gonna bother describing just how awesome the videoclip is, you’ve gotta check it out on Raphael’s YouTube here. It’s a MUST SEE (or watch, whatever ;p)! Not sure who did it for them, but whoever it was, dayum you’re good!

There were tons and tons of pictures shot throughout the two receptions which were held a week apart. Here are some shots from both receptions :)


Melor ‘bling-ified’

I saw the piano and thought “Opportunity for cheese!” :p

See, like king and queen hor? Albeit a very young kind and queen ;)

The wedding cake. I kid you not, this is a real cake and there’s actually 3 cakes under all the exquisite, detailed icing. I’ve got the lady’s contact somewhere. Will update it here once I find it.



This was a funny moment as Raphael’s Dad was overzealous during the ‘merenjis’ session and he actually threw a lot of ‘pandan leaves’ towards Melor to the extent where she got some stuck in her mouth. Hehehe…


Raphael’s parents while watching one of the performances. So cute hor? :)

Cheese-ilicious ;p

Raphael and Melor, thank you for putting up with my cheesiness and tokkok-ness. It’s been absolutely great to be part of your big day(S)! See ya both soon :D

Pic below shot by Raphael’s bro, Hisham. Thanks man :D

Nadesh & Nina - Wedding Reception

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Nadesh & Nina’s wedding reception was held at Grand Blue Wave in Shah Alam. It was my first time shooting there and I was pleasantly surprised to see that the ballroom was done up so nicely. It was a sit down Malay dinner with family and a number of friends from both the bride and groom’s side.


Though there wasn’t time to take much group photos with the guests, we had the opportunity to do so with Nadesh & Nina’s close friends and family members after the reception ended.

Here are some of my fave shots from the day.nadeshnina-004.jpg




For me the ‘funnest’ part of the reception was when Nina was about to throw the bouquet. She got Nadesh to throw it with her and most of their cousins were enthusiastically going for it. LOL! It’s not at every wedding that you get an enthusiastic bunch of bouquet catchers so it’s awesome whenever everyone just goes all out for it :D.



A BIIIIIIG family photo!



Nadesh and Nina, thanks again for having me be part of your big day. Here’s to happily ever after :)

August 17, 2008

Nadesh & Nina - Solemnisation Ceremony

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Nadesh is Eon’s (one of my ‘munyit’ best friends ;p) cousin. He was my senior back in high school so it came as a surprise when a couple of months ago he contacted me saying that he was going to get married. “Nadesh mau kahwin?! Ah, betul bah?”.

Having known him as a joker all these years it came as a surprise (and relief! haahah!) that he had found the love of his life and was more than ready to settle down. Woot!

I met him and his (then) fiance Nina a few months prior to their big day. And I was blown away by how hot Nina was. I think one of the first things I said to Nad was, “Dapat juga ko hot chick as your wife”. Kekekekeke…I think Nad must’ve wanted to give me a slap when I said that. Wahahahah!


After months of preparation, yesterday was their solemnisation ceremony. Although Eon couldn’t attend due to work commitments, the rest of the cousins were there and it was awesome to be amongst fellow Sabahans. Bah, berabis la aku ber-dogo (eh betul ka spelling tu? :p).

Nina looked absolutely gorgeous despite the fact that she didn’t get much sleep the night before (as almost all brides who are nervous about their big day!).

Here are some shots from the day. Mind you, I do shoot the standard classic family and newlyweds portraits but I just prefer showing the funny ones on my blog cause well, that’s what really happened on that day :)

While getting ready, Nina was all smiles. Dayum, she was absolutely glowing throughout the whole day!

Gorgeous<i> Nina

Oooo…somebody was nervous ;) Nadesh checking his hands to make sure that they’ve stopped shaking.

Sealing the ‘deal’. Woot!
Sealing the deal. Jengjengjeng.

Laughter was aplenty throughout the whole ceremony.

Nadesh’s cute parents.

Nadesh’s self-proclaimed cam-whore cousins. Was taking their group shots to the extent where one of the aunties said to me, “No need to layan them so much”. LOL!

When we were taking some casual portraits outside, I asked Nadesh to carry Nina for one of the shots. You can take a wild guess whether or not the attempt was succesful :p Hehehe…

I’ll be shooting their dinner reception later this evening and having just finalised the slideshow for their dinner, I decided to post it up here before I head off to Shah Alam.

The song for the slideshow was selected by the newlyweds and I must say that while it might be a bit goeey for some, I absolutely love, love this mushy Malay song by Andra & The Backbone. So befitting for the both of them!


Nadesh and Nina, as cliche as this may sound, I think you’re both ’sempurna’ for each other and here’s wishing you many great times and laughter ahead! Nanti Raya I’ll go visit you to get my duit Raya ok? Kekekeke…

Wokay, have to leave the house now. See ya both later!

August 15, 2008

Nate & Terri - Wedding Ceremony & Reception

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I’ve been anticipating Nate and Terri’s big day since I shot their casual pre-wedding session back in April.

Their wedding day was a loooong day filled with fun and laughter as besides the church ceremony and dinner reception, there was also tea ceremonies held at two different locations.

Nate and Terri were absolute energizer bunnies as they soldiered on throughout the day all the way till late night with big happy smiles on their faces. Then again, who wouldn’t be happy on the day of their union? :)

We started off the day at Terri’s parents home where the ‘picking up of the bride’ (or better known as “chip san liong” in Cantonese) and the tea ceremony was held before heading off to St Ignatius Church at Tmn Mayang for the church ceremony.


Terri had a gorgeous bright red cheong sam for the tea ceremony and a beautiful wedding gown for the church ceremony. It was Nate’s first time seeing Terri in her wedding gown when she entered the church and I think he was blown away by how great she looked. I know I was ;)


I know Terri’s gonna kill me for saying this buttttt she’s a self-proclaimed ‘waterworks’.

She teared up when Nate entered the room before the tea ceremony, during the tea ceremony as well as during the church ceremony. Terri, with the amount of times you shed tears of joy, I nearly cried along with you. Nice arrrrr ‘waterworks’ so many times????!?! Hehehehe…I kid, I kiiiiiddd.

Right after the kiss ;)

Newlyweds, woot!

After the church ceremony, we quickly shot some casual portraits before we headed off to Nate’s parents house for the tea ceremony.



The following slideshow was done after the second tea ceremony and finalised before the dinner reception. These were shots from the morning session and Nate & Terri’s guests got to view them during the dinner reception.

To view the slideshow, just click on play, wait till the bar loads fully and enjoy :)

Moving onto the wedding reception - it was held at The Equatorial Hotel (eeks! my mistake :p thx Julian for the heads up. Been shooting in too many hotels around KL la) The Prince Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and the setting was exquisite!


Terri & Nate had different coloured flowers set up for different groups of tables but my favourite was the set up done on the main table.


It was flowers galore!

Flowers Galore!

They also had 5 piece band arranged by Dennis Lau - violinist extradionaire, to entertain their guests throughout the reception.



At each wedding, I have a favourite shot. It’s usually not something which anyone else would like, but for me, I like a particular picture because it reminds me of the moment it happened. And during this wedding, it’s the below picture which makes me smile whenever I see it.

This was a grab shot taken when Nate spontaneously gave Terri a kiss and hug when they were doing the table rounds during the reception.  And for me, Terri’s eyes conveys just how happy she is. Hmm….it’s not something I can explain with words, you just have to be there at that point in time to understand why I like this picture la :p


Ok, ok before I continue emo-ing about the story behind this shot, let’s continue with the rest of the blog post :p

Like the fun people that they are, Terri and Nate’s family and friends were an absolutely wild bunch. Hearty yam sengs were to be had and friends stayed on till the dinner was over to continue having fun. Now that’s how a wedding party’s supposed to be like ;)

Yaaaaaammmm sennnnggggg


And for soon-to-be brides, Terri’s exquisite wedding gown as well as her two evening dresses was designed by Eric Choong and man, they all looked awesome on her. You can check out the dresses in some of the shots shown in the dinner reception slideshow below :)

Terri & Nate, thank you. That day, I felt like I was shooting my friends’ wedding, and indeed I feel like you’re more of my friend now than my client. Hmm…perhaps it’s because we can tokkok and singsong on the same wavelength ;p

That being said, it has been an absolute pleasure for me to meet the both of you, to shoot your portraiture session, to be part of your special day and to also meet your awesome family members and friends who were so nice to me (and who can really ‘yam seng’ whole night long. My hats off to them ;p)

Here’s wishing you two many, many happy days ahead filled with love, laughter and mutual understanding.

Have fun with “Project Baby”! *wink*wink*

August 3, 2008

Flora & Michael - Wedding Ceremony

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I attended a wedding as a guest! Yes, I wasn’t the official photographer but I was a guest. Woot!

My ex-colleague and good friend Flora got married to Michael recently at the BCM Chapel in Jalan Gasing.

Flora and I used to work together at adidas (Malaysia) and she wasn’t only my colleague but she used to be my lunch kaki, bitching kaki and tokkok kaki :p I, together with a few other ex-colleagues, attended the tea and church ceremony as well as dinner reception on her big day.

It was funny to be a guest at a wedding as I’m so used to being a wedding photographer that I just had to bring my camera along with me. I took a couple of shots during the ceremonies (I couldn’t help myself!) and did my best not to annoy the hell out of the official photographers by staying out of their way. Hehe…sorry arr Eug if I annoyed you.

But it was nice for once to be a guest. All I had to do was show up, eat, drink and be merry! Hehe…sitting at the same table with my ex-colleagues was fun too as we caught up with each other and reminiscence about the good ol’ days (Maggottttt!! LOL!!)

Anyway, dear Flora, I know I always take the mickey outta you and I’m always cracking jokes and whatnot. But on your big day, I wanted to tell you how truly happy I am for you.


You looked absolutely radiant. And I’m not just talking about physical beauty. I could tell that you were really happy and that inner feeling of yours was so obvious that to me, you glowed. Gedwadamean? (Aiyo! So cliche hor me? ;p )

Michael, although I’ve only had the opportunity to meet you a couple of times, I can tell that you’re an awesome guy. Don’t bully Flora arrrr, if you do you’ll see my big guns in your vicinity. But if she wants to bully you, its ok la. Hahah! I kid, I kiiiid.

Here are the few snapshots that I took from that day :)

During the tea ceremony in the morning.

The kid in the checkered red shirt was da bomb! He was going all around the place taking shots with his digital camera and it was hilarious to watch him go about doing his thang :)
Future photographer


The church ceremony in the afternoon. Michael, feeling a bit nervous there ;)?

here comes the bride!


Ohhhhh, so this is how guests view the wedding ceremony when the official photographers are shooting. Now I know ;p

Michael looks super excited right before the kiss. 

The ROM. Caught this at the same time as the flash from the OPs camera went off. Hence the light source from the right hand side.

A quick snapshot before the newlyweds headed into the hall for the dinner reception.

The below shot was taken at ISO1600, f1.4, 1/15 secs. The room was waaaaaay darker than it looks in the picture. I’m kinda surprised it came out the way it did without flash. Hmmm…perhaps I should invest in a faster lens, f1.2 perhaps? ;p

Flora and Michael, here’s wishing you two a blessed future ahead with many great moments, prosperity, health, love and mutual understanding.

When you two have kids, I would offer my babysitting services BUT I think Flora knows that I’ll teach your kid to swear like a sailor, smoke like a chimney and drink like a camel so we’ll see how that goes……juuuuusssttt kiddinggggg ;p

Lotsa love from me :)

L-R: Michael, Flora, Annette, Marianne, Kee Aun and yours truly (abaden?)

July 20, 2008

JJ & Mardhiah - Solemnisation Ceremony

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I met JJ & Mardhiah over a drink at the mamak a couple of months ago. JJ’s a colleague of Sherrie and she actually referred me to shoot his wedding - thanks young one :D

My first impression of JJ & Mardhiah during our brief meet up is that they were a fun loving couple and genuinely nice people. This was reaffirmed ten-folds when I shot their solemnisation ceremony. They are absolutely awesome!

Mardhiah’s family members made me feel like I was part of the family, I seriously had a blast shooting for them and it felt really, really nice to be part of a strong family unit even though it was for one day only. Hehe… To Mardhiah’s family members who are reading this, you all rock big time! :D

The day started off with slight rain, I was a bit worried when the dark clouds rolled as half of the ceremony was planned for outdoors. Blessed be, the clouds cleared up right before JJ arrived at the house and beautiful weather was to be had for the rest of the day.

It was a short ceremony and though we initially had plans to drive out somewhere to shoot JJ & Mardhiah’s portraits after the ceremony, we ended up shooting around Mardhiah’s parents house as it was absolutely gorgeous!

Here are some of my favourite pictures from the day,









To view slideshow, just click on play and wait for awhile for the pictures to finish loading. Depending on your connection, this could take anything between one to three minutes.

JJ & Mardhiah, thank you for having me be part of your special day. I truly, truly had fun hanging out with you two and also your family members (cousinssssssss!! ;p).

You both make an awesome couple, here’s wishing you love, prosperity and joy for the years ahead.


Have a fun and relaxing time during your honeymoon in Bali! See you both soon :)

Best wishes from the one who laughs louder than Mardhiah’s loudest cousin (tak sedar diri pulak masa aku ketawa kuat-kuat :p oops!). Hehehe…


That’s Idzwan Junaidi (3rd from left) together with his videographer, they’re from GI Photoshoot and they too were covering JJ & Mardhiah’s big day. It was nice meeting you all there! Cheerio :D

July 14, 2008

Pelle & Juliana - Wedding Reception

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It all started at the airport lounge in Soekarno Hatta Airport in Jakarta.

About a year and a half ago, Juliana’s flight back to KL was delayed. She and her brother had to wait at the lounge for a couple of hours but the flight delay was a blessing in disguise for on that fateful day, Pelle was also waiting for his flight at the lounge.

One way or another they exchanged telephone numbers (even with Juliana’s brother around! ;p) and from there started a relationship which knew no race nor distance.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, Juliana received a proposal from Pelle in Hyde Park and wedding arrangements were made :)

Their marriage solemnisation ceremony was held in London and this was shot by Tom Hayton. Back in Kuala Lumpur, I had the pleasure of shooting her dinner reception with Matthew who assisted me throughout the event.

Pelle and Juliana, pictures alone aren’t enough to capture the emotions felt that night but I hope what’s here would be able to give you an inkling of it.

Here’s wishing you both love and joy in your new life together :)
First Dance



The following phrase was lifted from the first page of Pelle and Juliana’s slideshow shown during the reception;
“The minute I heard my first love story, I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was. Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They’re in each other all along.” - Jalaluddin Rumi

Now everyone together now, “Awwwwwwww” *melts* :)

July 9, 2008

Raphael & Melor - Solemnisation Ceremony

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Being a wedding photographer, I meet a lot of great couples and I get to hear stories about how they met.

The story about how Raphael and Melor met made me go, “Serious shit?!” (yes, being the person whose mouth moves faster than her brain does, I believe that was the exact phrase I used when they told me the story during our meet up a couple of months ago. Anyway, I digress)

For Raphael and Melor, all it took was a poke. Sometime end of last year, Raphael poked Melor on Facebook.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Poked on Facebook.

The wonders of modern technology :) Then again, poking on FB will only work if the ‘pokee’ is interested in the ‘poker’.

And apparently, this ‘pokee’ was interested in the ‘poker’. For when they got together, Melor confessed to Raphael that she had checked out his FB profile before he even poked her. Heheehee…so cute hor?

Last weekend was their solemnisation ceremony - an intimate affair with mainly close family and just a handful of friends, Raphael and Melor tied the knot. The solemnisation was done in a mosque in Subang and it was followed by a short ‘merenjis’ ceremony and lunch reception at the Sheraton Subang.

Thanks to the ceremony and reception being such a laidback and intimate affair, Raphael and Melor had the time for some casual portraits around the hotel.

And guess what they asked for? Extra dosage of cheesiness.

I kid you not, whatever cheesiness you see here has been done upon request of Raphael and Melor. Really one lehhhh ;p

Here are some of my fave shots from the day. More can be seen in the slideshow :)






Because I believe in making my couples happy, and also to prove that I can provide as much cheese as is humanely possible, I’ve even included a super cheesy song as part of the slideshow. I confess, I do like this super cheesy song. Hehe..

And no, I’m not gonna say what song it is, you’ll just have to load the slideshow to listen to it ;p

Raphael and Melor, heartiest congratulations again to the both of you and here’s to a great life filled with many pokes ahead :p Looking forward to shooting your reception :D See ya soon!

From your super gooeey cheesy photographer. rm-12.jpg

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