January 14, 2009


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Guess what? I’ve moved!

From today onwards, I’ll be blogging from www.anna-rina.com, my new blogsite.

Why the move? I reckon it’ll be more convenient for my clients and myself to have everything under one roof instead of having to go back and forth between the website and blog.

And yes, this move was inspired by one of my wedding photography idols, Jessica Claire.

Thanks again for checking out my blog and hope you’ll swing by regularly at the new one as well. Have an awesome week ahead!


December 17, 2008

Quick Update

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The year end holiday season is just around the corner and it has been absolute madness in my lil part of the world.

Am rushing to finish off editing and deliver pictures to a few of my couples before Christmas next week and I’ve got portrait and wedding sessions to shoot from this Thursday till Sunday. Yowza!

This means my regular blog posts will only commence next week. Yaaaa, I lied about blogging this week. Bad, bad blogger :p

Frankly speaking, I’m feeling abit overwhelmed (gasp!) but fret not - with a bit of caffeine and the usual Anna hyperness, I’ll be “Wheeeeee!”-ing my way through it all :D

In the meantime, here’s a lil preview of Raymond and Cilla’s awesome session. Can’t wait to share more of this lovely couples’ pictures. Wheeee!


Yes they’re not in focus in this pic, the hanging ferns (or whatever you call them) are ;p Will share the focused version in the proper post. I just like the feel of this one :) 153-2.jpg

Ok, I’ll be back in a jiffy. Enjoy the rest of the week!

December 4, 2008

Tak Nak

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The lack of activity on the blog is because I’m back in Kota Kinabalu for a couple of shoots this coming weekend. Been busy with editing and catching up with the family.

Wasn’t planning on blogging about this because some people might think it’s not very nice for my clients and blog readers to know this about me. But what the hey :p



Ermm..I’m still thinking whether or not to go through with this.

Arrrrrggggggghhh! Okay okay. I’ll do it.

Wendell and I just agreed on quitting smoking together.

Yes. I smoke. A lot. Ironic I know, but one of the main reasons why I workout so much is so that I can keep my vices.

But since Mr. Wendell “Jom let’s quit smoking together” Gingging decided to bet with me that we’ll both quit smoking on January 2, 2009 (last cigarette before midnight of January 1, 2009. Gasp!), I said okay (why did I say okay?!!?).

Not only that, we have both agreed to participate in the half marathon category of the Borneo International Marathon come October 2009 (double gasp!).

I tried quitting smoking in 2007 with a public declaration on flickr (you can check it out here) and I’m trying it again in 2009. Godspeed!

Pic on left shot by Nee On and pic on right was an x-ray I got nearly 2 years ago. Oh and if you wanna know about my wonky backbone, just click on the link :p

Anyway, the first one to be spotted smoking by any one of our witnesses, will have to buy the winner a meal at Salut (a seafood place in KK) which will include AT LEAST 1kg prawns and 1kg softshell crabs.

So geng KK, please report to me if any of you see Wendell smoking ok?? Hehehe..as for me, urmmm…whoever sees me smoking in KL can email Wendell the time and date that you saw me smoking.

Let the games begin….on January 2, 2009 :p

Edit: Wendell just texted me and said “If u tapuk2 smoke tidak kira”. LOLOLOL!!

December 1, 2008

In Shape

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Warning: This is another ’shameless’ post totally unrelated to photography. 

Hey guess who’s in December’s Malaysian edition of Shape magazine?

Yes, the shameless photographer strikes again (or as my housemate Ninie likes to joke, “the most photographed photographer” :p). But this time round, it’s not related to photography :p

Picture from Shape magazine, it was shot by one of BluInc’s inhouse photographer.

On another note, I just noticed that the number of comments in this blog has passed 650 comments. Wheeeee!

To celebrate the fact that other people do read this blog and I am not just talking to myself half the time (at least I don’t think I am :p), a new blog design will be coming soon. When the time comes, you my friend, will be the first to know (abadennnn??)

Thank you, yes YOU, for taking the time to read this lil blog of mine and for checking out the pictures that I post up here.

For those who have left their comments here, I truly appreciate your kind words, feedback and general tokkok ;p It really does make my day *skips with joy*.

Have an awesome week ahead! :D

November 27, 2008

Of Fitness (& Food!) in Kota Kinabalu

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It was kinda weird to be back in Kota Kinabalu for such a long period of time during my recent trip there. Life’s not as hectic as in KL, I don’t rush from one place to another. As a matter of fact, it’s so laid back that I get fidgety at times :p

But the trip back was great. Not only did I shoot wonderful couples and made some awesome new friends, I’ve come to realise that there’s only so much I can do.

In KL, I’m always rushing around, wanting to do a lot of stuff, not sleeping or eating properly cause of it. Going back to KK made me realise that hey, it’s okay to take a breather once in awhile.

That doesn’t mean I kept myself idle of course ;) Was busy with editing pics, catching up with local photogs and friends as well as pigging out at some of my fave eateries!

Some of my fave places to eat in KK include;
- Kuo Man coffee shop for the kon lou Tuaran mee and the fish slices. Errr..no pics cause I devoured my food when it arrived :p
- the ngau chap shop in Foh Sang for the (what else?) ngau chap. The ngau chap there is different from ngau chap I’ve tried anywhere else. Been going to this place since I was a wee lil kid, if it ever closes down, I’ll be devastated!
- cupcakes from Bits & Bites! The chicken puff is yummy too!

I shamelessly joined a few KK photogs and bloggers when we were invited by Dinoza for the launch of Imperial International Hotel’s Roof restaurant’s set lunch menu (try reading that out loud, its a mouthful :p).

The Roof offers a few different types of set lunches catering for individuals and groups with prices ranging from RM15 - 25. Not too bad, kinda like home cooking :)



Had the pleasure of hanging out with (clockwise from bottom left) Wendell, Edrie, George and Jofanna during lunch :) Thanks for the great company :D


Besides that, I tried out ultimate frisbee for the first time. It was fun, funnn, fuuuuunnnn! I was never a fan of frisbee cause I can’t catch for nuts.

But with ultimate frisbee, the fact that it’s a team sport and you’re running around like mad while trying to block your opponents catches made it fun for me :D I think another reason why I enjoyed it was cause it was at Tanjung Aru Beach - running on the beach was a grrreat workout for my calves. They were sore even two days after :p

That being said, I am sooooo gonna to drag some other friends to start a noob team with me when I’m not so busy with shoots….which means sometime next year. Hehe..

If you’re in KK and interested to check out the local ultimate frisbee scene, swing by Tanjung Aru Beach on Tuesdays and Fridays, 6 - 8 pm. Besides that they also play on Sunday afternoon’s at the rugby field nearby but I’ve forgotten what time :p

Oh and as mentioned in one of my previous posts, Alive Personal Defense does kettlebell training in Kota Kinabalu. Here’s some casual shots I took of the fitness centre and a shot of me with Paul the owner and one of his friends :D


I think Paul enjoyed ‘torturing’ me cos after my first session there, each time I went thereafter, he would ask me to carry a heavier weight. Pengsan dot com :p

I’ll be going back to KK again next Tuesday for 2 wedding shoots during the weekend. Looking forward to spending some time with my family during the weekday and hope to be able to catch up with some KK photographers and bloggers again then :)


November 17, 2008


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The past 10 days in KK has been great. I’ve met tons of really cool people (bloggers, photography enthusiasts and guests of weddings :D), tried out a new activity (Ultimate Frisbee!! Woooot!), shot some awesome couples and just absorbed being in KK again.

About updating the blog on a daily basis, I think I’ve gotta postpone that ‘target’ for now as November is a crazily busy month. Just last weekend, I spent 2 days (in a row!) of shooting 13-hours PER DAY. Imagine the amount of pictures I’ve gotta sift through no. Gasp!

Funny thing is throughout the shoots I was absolutely upbeat, running on adrenaline. It was last night when I got back to my Dad’s place that I felt absolutely pooped!

But y’know what? It’s all worth it. To partake in these couples big day, to be able to capture their memories for them was an honour for me.

Can’t wait to post up their pictures on the blog, but I’m running short on time now as I’ve got a flight back to KL in an hour’s time so here’s a lil preview of whats to come.




Have a blessed week ahead!


P/S - Didn’t manage to arrange for a proper meet-up session :p But I’ll be in KK again during the first week of Dec so will arrange on then :D Cheerio!

November 11, 2008

Happy Feet!

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Had an awesome weekend shooting Hans and Jaclyn’s wedding as well as Dennis and Irene’s family whom I’ll be seeing again this coming weekend during their wedding :)  Can’t wait to blog up the images!

Aaaannddd, I’m still in KK and will be here till Nov 17th as I’ve got a few more shoots in town for the coming weekend. I think this is by far the longest period of time I’m spending in KK for this year. Not that I’m complaining cos I’ve found a place to work out :D Yayyy!

Googled and found out about Alive Personal Defense which does kettlebell workouts as well as martial arts. Thank goodness for Google!

Have sofar attended a few of the kettlebell classes and will be trying out the martial arts class tomorrow. The fitness centre is located at Lintas Plaza, near the Brass Monkey restaurant. Just give the owner Paul a call at +6019.832.4815.

Anyway, I won’t have any shoots during the weekday but will be busy with catching up on my editing as well as enjoying Mummy’s yummy home cooking.

That being said, I am looking forward to going back to KL so that I can start climbing again :p

Have an awesome week ahead y’all!


Pic nicked from Ed’s recent post about the 10-22mm lens. Thanks Ed!

November 7, 2008

Balik KK bah!

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I had a super busy day on Nov 6 and will be busy shooting a wedding on Nov 8 and a portrait session on Nov 9 hence for Nov 7 we’ll have not one, not two, not three BUT FOUR blog posts.

Yes, I’m still sticking to my quest of having a blog post for every day of November :p We’ll see how long this’ll last.

I CAN DO EEEEETTTTT!! Do it, do it! (Yes, I’m currently buzzing on caffeine. Coffee goooooddd! Wheeeeeeeee!!)


My flight for KK leaves in 4 hours. This time round, I’ll be there for ten days. Yup. 10 days.

Am super excited to be back again as I’ll be busy with shoots throughout both weekends.Though my weekends will be packed with shoots, I’ll have some free time during the weekday.

Was wondering whether or not any of the KK photographers be interested in having a mini meet-up to touch base? Do leave a comment if you’re interested together with your email address and I’ll try to arrange something sometime next week ya?

And to the couples who have emailed me, I’ll be reverting to emails before the end of the day. Thanks for your patience, much appreciated :)

Have an awesome weekend ahead!


P/S - Food for thought.

Save The Cheerleader, Save The World

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Ok, so I assume the title got your attention.

No, we don’t need to save any cheerleaders at the moment BUT you can do your part in saving the world, albeit a small part of it, by signing an online petition to stop the Kelau Dam and Pahang - Selangor Water Transfer Tunnel.

I won’t write much about this because all the information can be seen in the posters below and also this well written article by a Star reporter.



The Kelau river that will be dammed (geddit, geddit? hyuk hyuk hyuk). Pic of courtesy Colin Nicholas.  kelau-1_2.JPG

Had a read through already?If you wanna support this cause, click here and sign the online petition. It’ll take less than 2 minutes of your time and hey, even reading through this post took longer than that ;)

Genting Trailblazer 2008

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Last weekend, I participated in the Genting Trailblazer 2008 with Greg and we had fuuuunnn! We joined as a mixed team in the Adventure Category.It was my first adventure race ever and though friends who’ve participated in it before have told me that it’s one of the easier races around, I didn’t have anything else to compare it with. All I know is, the 14km of trail running (well, more of hiking and jogging) and going through the obstacle course at the end was absolutely fun!

Okay, so it might’ve been because of the pre-workout drink I took before the race which got me really hyped up. But I was literally grinning to myself and talking to my race partner and other racers throughout (well, almost) the entire trail. I talked so much rubbish that I got thirsty within the first 4km and had to steal some water from another friend’s camelbak :p

The first 3 (or was it 2?) km was on road and this was around the golf course area and while I could jog consistently on the flat and downhill paths, when the road veered uphill, I was wheezing and thinking to myself “Gawdammit! I shouldn’t have had that morning puff!”.

But I was on a roll once we got off road! Greg and I hyped ourselves up (and might’ve annoyed the shit out of other racers) by chanting “Trail running is fun! Trail running rocks!” throughout some parts of the off-road trail.

I don’t know whether or not Greg was being sarcastic, but I loved the off-road bit of the race. Whether it was the mud, the clambering about trying to avoid tripping, the steep falls, more mud or slippery trails which had me going, I have no idea.

The trail bit wasn’t all about running, but for me, it involved agility, climbing (yes, some areas were that steep!), ropeworks, sliding down (wheee!) amongst other stuff (okay, okay. I’m not very wordy at this time of the night :p).

I think another reason why I enjoyed the race was the camaraderie amongst fellow racers. I was randomly talking to other participants and while some obviously didn’t feel like talking, a lot of them were really friendly and encouraging.

I have a confession though - I had to leave my race partner behind somewhere at the 8 or 9 km point.

So Greg, here’s a public apology for running ahead. Sorry arrrr but I had to, I was on an adrenaline rush. If I had stopped, I would’ve just trudged the rest of the way :p

And I didn’t tell you this, but when an uncle saw me cheering you on, he said to me “Wah, first time I see girl cheering for boy woh”.

I wanted to tell him the truth, that I’m actually a man. But I was too busy cheering you on :p

Nevertheless, it was fun having you as a partner even though we never had a chance to train together before the race.

And you know why? Because you let me tokkok the whole way without asking me to shut up :D Wheeeee!

And what’s a blog post without pictures right? Below are some pictures courtesy of Sze Ning (she’s the one on the left in the pic below). Thanks for the pics young one!

I need to learn a new pose. No more left bicep flex after this! And look at how clean my top was before the race. I wanted to see how dirty I could get it.

Yes, I can still make faces at the camera while supposedly racing. That’s why I’m the narcissistic wedding photographer. Very the narcissistic.

Greg and I at the finishing line. We finished at 2 hours 40 mins. Target for next year sub 2 hours (or 1:30? :D)!

Bloody dirty but enjoying it! Wooooooottttt!

Can’t wait for next year’s Trailblazer event! Woooottt!

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