June 26, 2008

3C Magazine Shoot

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A month ago I shot an advertorial for 3C magazine.

It wasn’t my first advertorial shoot, but it was the first time that I had the opportunity to go on the KL Hop On Hop Off bus.

And boy, was it fun!

We were on the bus for nearly 2 hours going round the main sights of KL and it was nice to see KL in a leisurely manner instead of looking at it while being stuck in the traffic jam.

Definitely something I would recommend to those who are visiting KL :)

I think the magazine’s out already (though I haven’t bought a copy - YET), will scan it once I get a copy and update this blog post then.

In the meantime here are some of the shots taken throughout the session.

The first few pics were shot at the Pavilion. We got kicked out after the first few shots. Dammit.


In the bus. It was a weekday and most of the tourists would get off at each tourist sight and we would just stay on the bus to take pics. The driver must’ve been wondering WTF?

Yes, obviously it was for Toshiba. Anyone from Toshiba reading this? Wanna give me a free laptop for the pics :D?

At the Eye On Malaysia, which is also known as the White Elephant of Malaysia in certain circles.

If you’re wondering why in the world would people bring their laptops onto a bus, well darling, FYI, the KL Hop On Hop Off has free wi-fi on board. I kid you not. I even went online for a bout 5 minutes to check my email while we were taking a break :p 


I was absolutely knackered by the end of the shoot but had tons of fun with the team from 3C and also the 2 models who are also local talents (songwriter, singer, host).

Ryan, thanks again for the opportunity to shoot for the mag :D Woot!

June 10, 2008

Zainul & Qistina - Couple Portraiture

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Qistina was studying in Japan when she contacted me a couple of months ago. I hadn’t heard from her since then so when recently I received another email from her about a couple portraiture session, I was pleasantly surprised :)

Met up with Qistina and her fiance Zainul on a sunny Saturday morning a couple of weekends ago and we headed over to the park to take some shots before wrapping up the session at Pavilion.

Qistina and Zainul, heartiest congratulations again to both of you on your upcoming wedding. Thanks also for breakfast. Hehe…see ya soon!










Hans & Jaclyn - Couple Portraiture

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I had the pleasure of meeting up with Hans and Jaclyn in December 2007 when I was in KK for a wedding shoot.

We had a couple portraiture session done back then and after the session, Hans and Jaclyn decided to book me their wedding this year in November :)

Here are some of my fave shots from the couple portrait session we did back in KK.



We had the privilege of shooting not only at the KK railway station, but inside one of the steam trains as well. Woot!


At one of the beaches in Kinarut


During their recent trip to KL, we decided to meet up again to have a short and sweet session in Putrajaya. Here are some of my fave shots from that morning.






It was nice seeing you two again :D Hope you both had fun during the session (even though the weather kinda sucked :p) Can’t wait for the wedding in November!

See you soon!

Edit: Got the below pic from Jaclyn’s FB :) Thanks for the pic you two :D aj00001.jpg

May 30, 2008

Ed & Katie - Couple Portraiture

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Ed & Katie were recently in Malaysia for a short island holiday. Before leaving for the UK, they managed to drop by in KL for a couple of days to visit young Henry and that’s when I had the pleasure of meeting (and shooting) them :)

Ed & Katie, it was an absolute pleasure to meet the both of you. You’re both so sweet that I would’ve turned diabetic had you stayed on any longer :p I kid, I kiiiid.

Do hope to see you both again soon, if not in KL, well who knows, I might drop by there for a visit :)

Take care!









May 17, 2008

Lawrence & Eva - Couple Portraiture

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Lawrence and Eva - words can’t describe what an awesome couple they are.

They’re both talented musicians, gospel singers in the local Christian community and Lawrence also plays the guitar in a local band called Carbolic Smokeballs (They got into Rentak Juara. Woot! Check it out on May 25, 9 pm on RTM).

I met them for the first time during the couple portraiture session and their camaraderie made me feel like we’ve been friends for ages. The love between the two of them is so immense that I don’t think my pictures can even capture half of what they feel for each other.

Their love story is not one without trials and tribulations. When they shared their story with me, I was flabbergasted. It was like a Bollywood movie (Lawrence, better write the story now and sell it off to a movie producer wei :p).

I kid you not.

If I were to write about it here, it’ll take me ages. So I won’t. If you really wanna know, you would have to ask them yourself the next time you see them ;)

What I’ll tell you though is the bit I love the most and that was Lawrence’s first sight of Eva.

The first time he saw Eva, she had tiny lil braids on her head and she was wearing a punjabi suit……while letting it rip on the electric guitar. How cool is that yo?

Below are some of my favourite shots from our outdoor portrait session.

4 steps to a kiss ;)


Talk about role reversal ;) Here’s Eva serenading to Lawrence. Hehe..
Role Reversal

I love how they both look here, yummy!

Don’t forget to click on play to view the slideshow together with Frank Sinatra’s song :) Check out the signage pic too ya?
Eva and Lawrence, here’s wishing you two many happiness and the creation of great music in the years ahead! You two rock and I had tons of fun shooting that day :)

Thanks also for buying me dinner, I loooove Nando’s! Hehe.. Have tons of fun during your wedding day!

May 11, 2008

Khalinah & Liam - ‘Just Cause’ Portraiture

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It’s kinda funny how most couples would wait till they’re engaged or married to get their portraits taken.

I’ve had some girl friends who said they didn’t dare to ask their boyfriends about taking pictures for fear that to the guys it would mean ’something serious’.

I asked some guy friends about this and most of them said that they would love to take pics ‘just because’. Then again, most of my guy friends are damn vain.


I reckon it’s great when I get to shoot ‘just cause’ pictures. Pictures you take ‘just because’ you want to.

Better yet when your best friend is in town and you’ve got an awesome abandoned warehouse as your backdrop ;) Now that would be the best time to take ‘just cause’ pictures.

Right? Right? Right? ;p


Thanks Khalinah & Liam for being such troopers and awesome models and amusing me throughout the shoot. Come on, admit it. You had a lil bit of fun dincha, just a lil bit? Hehe…

I had tons of fun getting you guys to jump and run and work your thang for the camera! Take care. Hugs :)







April 13, 2008

Nathan & Theresa - Couple Portraiture

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Nate & Terri, you are both absolutely awesome and I love the chemistry between the two of you. You sooo lied when you said that you can’t pose for the camera cos I reckon that you both sizzled things up quite a fair bit :)

Didn’t know whether or not I should post up the BJ pic cause well, not everyone’s as open as you are :p I’ll leave that for your personal enjoyment. Hehehe…

It was an absolute pleasure to hang out with you both and I am so looking forward to your wedding in July. Thanks for brunch btw and see you soon!


The following shot was taken at Ikea with a weekend crowd looking on. Nate & Terri were really accommodating even though they got some stares out of it. Hehe..thank you so much for just giving it a go. Love ya both for that :)


The picture below is my favourite shot from the session.

Not because I reckon the composition was special, it was just a straight forward shot but I love the fact that this was totally ‘un-posed’. Nate just gave Terri a kiss. Straight and simple. Awwww…young love.


Errr…I think I might have overstayed my welcome…. ;)


Click on the slideshow below to view more of my favourite pics from this session.

Btw, some might be wondering why are there so many similar shots (only with diff background) throughout this session. Well, there’s a reason for it and maybe I’ll tell you next time…..or maybe not ;p.

Have an awesome Sunday!

March 15, 2008

Emy & Zanil - Couple Portraiture

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Emy called me up recently to arrange for a portraiture session. Initially, it was gonna be a session for herself and her sister Mala only as her husband Zanil was supposed to be flying on the day of the shoot.

Thanks to our lucky stars, Zanil’s flight got rescheduled and he managed (or was dragged? hehe…just kidding) to join us for the shoot in Genting. Woot!

I think it’s absolutely sweet that they had their pictures taken despite having been married for a year already. Something like an annual celebration of their love eh? :)

Emy’s a joy to shoot as she’s absolutely bubbly and she’s got no qualms about hamming it up for the camera. Love it! As for Zanil, he’s like the polar opposite as he’s soooooo shy. Haha! It took a while for him to warm up to the camera but once he did, boy oh boy, they both rocked the pictures!

I have soooo many fave shots from the session that I decided to do up a short slideshow. Zanil, Emy and Mala - thanks for inviting me along with you all to Genting. I had loads of fun hanging out with the three of you!

And Emy, thanks so, so much for the pashmina! I really didn’t expect it and I’ll definitely think of you everytime I use it :D


The above pic was shot in the ‘revolving tunnel’. Though that bridge doesn’t move at all, the green lights which went round and round made it seem like the bridge was turning round and round as well. I got reaaally dizzy going through it. Hehe..the red and green blur that you see in the middle of the pic is Emy and Zanil walking towards me ;p


The above picture was shot from the hip in absolute darkness and I love it cause Zanil and Emy looks soo cute here wearing the 3D glasses, screaming. When I shot this, the guide said”Miss, miss. No flash photography ah”:p LOL!

And here’s a shot of Zanil and Emy together with their lil furball. The cat is soooo cute (but damn furry wei! Hehe..)

Click on the slideshow below to see more of my fave shots from this session :) Have a great weekend ahead!

March 10, 2008

Anrie & Michael - Couple Portraiture

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Anrie and I’ve been in touch since September 2007 and we’ve been meaning to do this shoot like forever! Due to our erratic schedules, we’ve been unable to meet up till early this month.


I met up with Anrie and Michael the weekend after I got back from KK and we had an absolutely fun session. Anrie and I met up in the morning for a quick photo session at the TTDI Park before meeting up with Michael at their friends’ apartment.

It was at the park that Anrie sacrificed herself to the mosquitoes. Hah! The mozzies were absolutely vicious! At one point in time, Anrie managed to hit 3 with one smack. That’s how many there were. Siao.

Anyway, below are some of my fave shots from this session. Enjoy! :)








Michael and Anrie cracking up! Heheh..I had fun during the shoot. Hope you both enjoyed yourselves too! See ya soon :D

Terence & Nicole - Couple Portraiture

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Terence recently contacted me through Facebook, telling me about his recent engagement to Nicole. I was thrilled for the both of them when I heard the good news :)

A day before I left KK, we managed to meet up for a short photo session at Pan Pacific. The weather was a bit dreary as it had been raining so most of the shoot had to be done indoor.

Nevertheless, Terence and Nicole were complete sports! Thanks again you two for being so open to suggestions. It was an absolute pleasure to meet up with the both of you as well.


Wish we had more time (and better weather!) for the session. Perhaps during my next trip back ya? Hehe…have fun with the preparations for the big day!




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