June 12, 2008

What Gear Do I Use?

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Ever since I was featured in the Dove 3R announcement ad late last year, I’ve received a few emails from fellow photographers and enthusiasts asking photography related questions.

I’m not an expert on all things technical but I have replied to these emails on what I know and have learnt so far. The emails from fellow photographers have never stopped and it surprises me that people ask me photography related questions when I myself am still learning as well :p

But I’m more than happy to share what I know :D (as for the stuff I don’t know, I’ll refer you to the experts :p). To make things more convenient, I’ve decided to start a category ‘For Photographers’ so that I don’t have to keep on repeating myself like a broken recorder in emails :p

One of the most frequent question I’ve received is “What gear do you use when you shoot weddings?”.

I was a bit shy to answer that question initially as I felt like what I had wasn’t as good as what establised photographers in the industry were carrying around. Then I thought, bugger it. As long as my shots turns out decent who cares what gear I use.

Picture of me slacking off (i kid, i kiiiiid) during Amy & Terence’s wedding shot by Amy’s brother, Alex. Here I am with my 2 boyfriends - Onni and Paco.

For weddings, I would usually bring along my whole ‘arsenal’ of gear and this includes;
- 40D and 400D camera bodies (with the names of Onni and Paco respectively ;D)
- 24-70mm, f2.8
- 10-22mm
- 50mm, f1.4
- 100mm, f2.8 macro
- 580EX Flash
- 3×2GB CF Card and 2×1GB CF Card
- extra batteries!!

Of course, I don’t carry the whole shebang with me throughout the wedding. That would be absolutely suicidal! :p

The 100mm would usually be used for macro and detail shots taken during the preparation period and the 50mm would be used when I’m taking casual portraits of the couple prior to the start of the reception.

Throughout a wedding ceremony and reception, I would use the 24-70mm on my 40D and the 10-22mm on my 400D. This saves me from having to change lenses in the middle of the ceremony and I also get two different perspective at the same time.

For those who are just venturing into wedding photography but do not (yet!) have the budget to invest into fast lenses, you might wanna start off with the Tamron 17-50mm, f2.8 first.

No doubt, it is a third party lens and might not be as fast and sharp as a Canon lens but if budget is your main concern, then that’s something I would recommend. I actually shot my first few weddings with that lens. If you were to check out my ‘Weddings’ set on my flickr here, the first 3 rows of pics were shot with that lens.

BUT it would be better if you can save up for a fast lens as IMHO, it makes a big difference in terms of speed and quality. I used my Tamron for about 6 months and then I got ‘poisoned’ by Glenn who loaned me his 28-70mm, f2.8 (the version before the 24-70mm) for Daphne’s wedding.

Some examples can be seen below;
Bouquet shot with 50mm at f.14, ISO400, 1/1250

Shot with the same 50mm lens BUT I took the lens off the camera body, turned it around and turned it into a macro lens :p ISO400, 1/500

Using the 100mm macro lens at f2.8, ISO400, 1/250 sec

10-22mm at 10mm, f4.5, ISO400, 1/13

24-70mm at 30mm, f2.8, ISO400, 1/30 with bounce flash

Hope the above information was helpful to those who had sent me an email and who have previously left questions on my flickr and comment on my blog.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a question tho :) It’s nice to know I’m not talking to myself in the blogosphere…or whatever you call it.

June 11, 2008

Juliana - Portraiture Session

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I had the pleasure of shooting a portraiture session for Juliana and her family before her trip to the UK earlier this month.

The casual portraiture session was done at her parents home and the whole session only took us not more than an hour as Juliana and her family were a breeze to shoot :)

Juliana, thanks again for inviting me for the session and heartiest congratulations to you and Pele on your new life together. See you when you get back!

Here are some of my favourite shots from the session that day.





To view the slideshow, just click on play and it’ll run once the whole show loads.

June 10, 2008

Terence & Amy - Garden Wedding

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Amy and Terence’s wedding was the first wedding I’ve shot since my last wedding shoot end of March (been shooting A LOT of portraits in between tho :p).

With that 2-month gap, I was both excited and a bit nervous - was wondering whether or not I still had the mojo to shoot weddings and handle the unexpected as well as capture the intimate moments.

I’ve known Amy and Terence for a couple of years already. Come to think of it, I’ve known them before they were even dating each other. Hah. As a matter of fact, Terence parents have known my parents for yonks. Orang KK bah :p

When they gave me a buzz and told me they wanted me to shoot their wedding, I was both honoured and ecstatic to be given the responsibility of doing so.

I did wonder though what sorta wedding it’ll be because they’re not your typical, run-of-the-mill couple. They’re both very active with outdoor sports (climbing, biking, etc) and I’ve never seen Amy wear make up prior to her wedding day. Hehe…I guess you could call them both jocks ;)

I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived at Amy’s parents house for the garden wedding.

It was the perfect location for the intimate wedding - the garden was absolutely gorgeous, the table settings were tastefully done, the flowers were exquisite and they also had an awesome live band performing that night.

With family and close friends sharing their union with them, it made for a memorable event.

Enjoy the preview of your pictures below :)

Notice the unique shape of Amy’s engagement ring? The design was based on a munter hitch, which is a knot used by climbers as part of a belay system. How cool eh? :)
the rings…

We shot some fun, casual portraits before the guests arrived. Terence and Amy looked absolutely gorgeous and I especially loved the fact that Amy was dressed in a short dress and flats. One of the most comfy brides I’ve shot so far!

The registration ceremony was held inside Amy’s parents house. I found it really meaningful as this was also where Amy grew up :)

It’s not always you get excellent speeches which make you laugh heartily at one moment and shed tears of joy at the next, so this wedding was great because throughout the speeches, everyone was laughing out loud and you could see a few wet eyes in the crowd during the emo bits ;) ta1.jpg

Surprise, surprise! Amy and Terence proves that jocks can dance too! :D

Here’s the slideshow, just click on play and wait till it loads to enjoy!

Amy and Terence, you both rock! The wedding was absolutely faboo - was happy to see that you were both so relaxed and had fun hanging out with your close friends and family.

You showed me what being in love was all about - it’s not only about the mushy moments and having someone to share your life with, but it’s also about understanding your partner, having patience, respect and absolute trust in each other (err…actually I saw all this whenever I saw you two climbing together. Hehe…).

Here’s wishing you love, happiness and great adventures ahead! Hugs ta6.jpg

June 4, 2008

Jash - Maternity Session

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Jash was overdue when I met her for the maternity session.

We joked that most probably her baby was waiting for the photo session to be done before she makes her grand entrance. True enough, four days after the shoot, Jash gave birth to baby Jaslene :)

Here are some pictures from Jash’s maternity session which was shot middle of last month and at the end of the post, some pictures of baby Jaslene which I shot earlier today.

Here’s a close up shot of the gorgeous mama :)

Incase you’re wondering, Jash’s gorgeous dress was bought in Greece. Hah.

Workin’ it for the camera :)

Jash and her hubby


And here are the snapshots I took of baby Jaslene :) Look at that head of hair!

Pooped out from modelling

Thanks again for having me over! See you all again soon :D

May 30, 2008

LiveWire Media - 2008 Workshops

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Thanks to an sms from Grace I managed to register for the recent LiveWire Media workshop before all the slots were taken up.

This year’s intermediate photography workshop was conducted by Louis Pang, wedding photographer extraordinaire and fellow Sabahan (mau juga bah kan sia cakap fellow Sabahan? Hehehehe…).

It was an interesting workshop for me as all participants went ‘back to the basics’ - shooting without chimping, having limited exposure to shoot, something which may seem simple but in actual fact was kinda hard for me.

I’m bloody used to chimping (looking at the pic preview) everytime I shoot and being asked not to do so for a whole photo session took a while to get used to. And one of the fun parts of the workshop was that we all got to print and assemble our pictures into a wee lil photobook.

Here’s a collage of some of the shots I printed out. Yes, yes. It’s a continuation of my ‘Urban Feet’ series. I do like my fugly feet and lovely Crocs very much, thank you.

Urban Feet

During the workshop, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting fellow photography enthusiasts. They were an awesome bunch of people. Yes, even the ones who use Nikon and Mac surprisingly. I kid, I kiiiiiid ;)

Here are some snapshots I took during the workshop;

Fellow participants shooting away (more like super posing riggghhhttt?? :p hehe…)

Fellow Participants

Checking out each other’s printed pictures;

Checkin’ out the printed albums

Guru for the day, Louis. Louis nice arrrr post up such a fugly pic of me on your blog? Waitaminute, that might just be the best picture you have of me :p


Thanks young Luke for taking this shot :D Here’s me with Louis’ Angels (hur hur hur, call me lame but that does have a nice tune to it ;p) - Jasmine, Kah Yee and Michele

Sabah Mari :D

It was an interesting workshop organised by LiveWire Media. Will definitely join again next year :D Hmm…maybe this time I might wanna try out web designing as well.

May 23, 2008

Henry Golding - Portraiture

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Henry, a freelance talent, is currently in Kuala Lumpur pursuing a career in the local talent industry.

With good looks thanks to his English-Iban mixed parentage and an absolutely charming personality, I won’t be surprised to see this talented young man on the local screens soon ;)

Jamie and I had the pleasure of shooting Henry around Kuala Lumpur recently. Here are some of my favourite shots from the session.

Thanks for being such a great model and all the best with your endeavor Henry!



The smoking shot was purely for posing purposes. Young Henry doesn’t smoke, surprise surprise!






Beam me up Scotty!



By the way, if you’re interested to hire Henry for acting, modelling or hosting gigs, feel free to contact him at henrygolding[at]gmail[dot]com.

May 17, 2008


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Finally, it’s confirmed!

I recently wrote a post to check the interest level of local female photographers on the possibility of organising a meet-up. Received quite a number of positive feedback, had numerous emails flying back and forth and walla!  Meet-up confirmed!

We’ll be meeting on the evening of May 20 (this coming Tuesday) over dinner at Midvalley’s Chilli’s. Besides local female photographers, a number of female photography enthusiast will be joining too :)

It’s gonna be a very casual session for us to catch up with each other, exchange tidbits about the industry, tokkok, singsong, etc. So far, I think about 5 or 6 pax have confirmed.

If you’re a female photographer who’s interested to join us, feel free to swing by on that day.

Have an awesome weekend ahead! Cheerio!

May 14, 2008

Ted Adnan’s Workshop

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Warning: The following blog post is filled with a lot of “I this”, “I that”. Call it a “me-me” post if you want. Proceed at your own risk :p

Just a couple of days ago, I was asked by a friend why I bother attending photography workshops when I’m already a full-time photographer (Heh. Still sounds weird calling myself that after 8 months of doing this full-time. Like ’siok sendiri’ only :p).

Frankly speaking, even though I’m doing this on full-time basis, I consider myself a beginner as I’ve still got tons to learn in terms of technicalities. Reckon that those who are into photography would agree with me on that.

I’ve received constructive (and not so constructive) criticism on my photos and I appreciate the frankness of those who ‘bang’ me and dissect the shots that I shoot cause at the end of the day, while the pictures I shoot may be emotive and capture the essence of the moment, I’m still not that strong technically.

For me, photography is a never ending learning process. Every single time I shoot, I learn something new (out of trial and error laa :p) and whenever I attend photography workshops, it opens up a new doorway for me to improve on photography.

Anyway, I recently attended Ted Adnan’s location portraiture lighting technique workshop in Hulu Langat (yes, damn far wei :p). Yes, some would say that you can learn this by practising and getting the technique from photography books or online.

While I do read a lot of books and surf online a lot about photography related subjects, I find that having a practical session helps me ‘absorb’ information easier. I’m abit bodoh one, must learn things by doing it a couple of times :p

Here are some shots from the workshop that day. Different from what I usually do. Yes, yes. My shots are nothing to shout about, just wanted to post these up as a bookmark for meself about what I shot that day ;p

Ted explaining the lighting set-up to us. That’s one of his models, Wanda next to him. workshop-266.jpg

Yes, Wanda was sweating. Yes, it was rather humid that day but she was an absolute trooper! FYI, these pics have just been cropped and there’s no extensive editing (eg; cloning the sweat, hair strands off).


Adeq was also one of the models for the workshop.



Behind the scene - fellow participants of the workshop shooting Wanda


The master in ‘action’ :p Hehe…I kid, I kiiiid.


We were mucking around for awhile and asked Ted to jump for us. He was game enough to do it. Caya laa!

Anyway, Ted’s organising another workshop soon. This time it’s at his studio in Kajang. Check out his poster here for more info.

March 17, 2008

Portraiture Session in Perth

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I’ll be visiting my older brothers (whom I haven’t seen in 5 years!) in Perth come April. I’ll be catching up with family and a few friends over there and I’ll also have time to shoot a few outdoor or on-location portraiture sessions.

Besides couple portraiture, I also shoot individuals, families, bands - as long as there’s people, I’m up for it!

So if you happen to be in Perth during the dates below or if you know of anyone who might be interested, feel free to contact me at info[at]anna-rina[dot]com.

Btw, the picture for the below poster was shot during Chris & Melissa’s wedding in December ‘07.wwwanna-rinacom_oz.jpg

Female Wedding Photographers Meet-Up. Interested?

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I had the pleasure of meeting up with Jenny Sun a couple of days ago and it was really refreshing to meet up with a fellow female wedding photographer in this male dominated industry (not that I have anything against men la) :D.

After having an extended lunch with Jenny where we chatted about wedding photography in Malaysia and what we’ve been shooting recently, I left Pyramid feeling happy that there are like-minded photographers who don’t mind sharing experience and knowledge with others.

It got me thinking that it’ll be interesting to have a quarterly meet-up just for female wedding photographers in Klang Valley.

I don’t know how many full-time female wedding photographers there are out there, but it’ll be cool to touch base and meet up over coffee :)

It won’t be too formal of course, just an opportunity for us to share experience and to learn from one another.

If you’re interested, do leave a comment and and depending on the level of interest, I’ll try to arrange a meet up for female wedding photographers sometime in May or June.

Of course, this meet up won’t be exclusively for ladies who are already in the wedding photography industry. I’m sure there are ladies out there who are interested, but might still be on the fence about venturing into it. Joining the meet-up would mean an opportunity to find out more :)

So even if you’re not a full-time wedding photographer, feel free to leave a comment and your email add so that I can keep you in the loop about a possible meet-up for female wedding photographers.

Hope to hear from you ladies out there & have a great week ahead!

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