November 13, 2008

Dennis & Irene’s Family Portraits

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I’ll be shooting Dennis and Irene’s wedding this coming weekend and had the opportunity to meet up with their immediate family last weekend during their family portrait session.

It’s great to be able to not only meet the couple whom I’ll be shooting but also their family members cos then I would know to expect on that day. And you know what? I have a feeling it’ll be a fun, fun wedding to shoot!

Dennis and Irene, thank you for the opportunity and I’m really looking forward to Sunday.

Don’t worry about the humongous guest list, just let your hair down and have fun cos it’s YOUR big day ;) Wooot!








And here are some casual portraits of the soon-to-be-weds :)





See you two very, very soon :D

November 12, 2008

Eric, May & TJ’s Family Portraits

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Thanks to a referral from one of my gym friends, Eunice, I had the great pleasure of shooting May, Eric and lil TJ’s family portraits recently.

May contacted me a couple of months prior to the shoot and told me that it was actually a gift for her husband’s birthday. So sweet hor? :D

The day was overcast and really humid but Eric, May and TJ were troopers and were soooo accomodating throughout the session! Thank you guys, I had fun shooting you three :)

Here are some of my fave shots from the session. See you soon!




I like this kid. He finds me drool-worthy ;p Geddit, geddit? (Yes, I am so lame dot com dot my)





November 4, 2008

The Chongs - Family Portraiture

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The day after Ibraheem and Neyna’s dinner reception, I had the pleasure of meeting up with them and Neyna’s family again :)

With the addition of two new family members in the family (baby Maya and baby Isaac!), it was time for an updated family portraiture session!

It was one of the fastest family portrait session that I’ve done as we wrapped up within half an hour while the babies were still in a fairly good mood ;p

Here are some of my favourite shots from the session.

Uncle Steven and aunty Ainey

With the oldest child, Niney. Niney’s also my ex-schoolmate from All Saints in KK :)

Neyna with her parents

The (used to be) baby of the family, Syahril.


Tough daddies :p Carliff Rizal and baby Isaac + Ibraheem David and baby Maya  

Gorgeous Mums, Ninie and Neyna with their precious ones.

And now for the group family pictures :D



Somebody was reaaally happy when we wrapped the session. Here’s baby Maya flashing me a smile when we were walking back to the room. Adorable isn’t she? :)

To the Chong’s, thank you so much for having me over to shoot your family session (as well as the previous solemnisation ceremonies, dinner receptions and maternity sessions). I don’t think I even need to ask you guys how to pose already, you all seem pretty professional to me now ;)

And aunty Ainey, your food’s da bomb! A special thanks to you Chong’s for always making sure that I’m always well fed. Heheh…happy tummy!

See y’all soon :D

October 24, 2008

Carol & Hong - Couple Portraiture

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It was a couple of months ago that I received Carol’s email about a portraiture session. She mentioned that she was from KK but has been working away from home for the past 10 years. I thought to myself, “Cool! Fellow Sabahan!” :)

We corresponded online for a couple of weeks before her trip back to KL with her fiance. Despite both our tight schedules, Carol, Hong and I managed to meet up for drinks a day prior to our portraiture session.

I would usually recommend meeting up with your photographer or at least corresponding with them, prior to the shoot so that you know what to expect, especially for weddings!

Anyway, I don’t know whether its cause Carol and I have corresponded online or it’s just a Sabahan thing, but we could just yak about anything under the sun! Poor Hong just sat there listening to both of us yak on. Hahaha!

Our session was done on a weekday and this was great as it meant there wouldn’t be so many people gawking as the locations that I would usually bring my couples to are public places. That being said, there were some ‘gawkers’ at the location and you’ll see the pics below ;)

Here are some of my favourite shots from the session with Carol and Hong.





Carol is an avid salsa dancer and she’s obviously taught Hong a few dance moves as well ;) Just realised I’ve been shooting quite a number of couples who do salsa (like Olivier and Nadia!). Hmmm…maybe I should pick it up too ;p


We had some ‘extras’ during our shoot. First up was a curious pre-schooler…

…and then came along 2 guys on a motorbike. Heh.

Carol and Hong, I had fun shooting the two of you. Thanks for being so so accommodating despite the hot, hot weather.

Have fun with the rest of the preparations for your big day next year!

And thank you too for the chocolates from Holland! I love, love, love chocolates (which explains the spots on me face!). Hahaha! Layaaaaaannnnn :D

September 28, 2008

Steph & Yi Toung - ROM

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Steph, a good friend whom I’ve known more than 10 years (?!? wahliao! damn long oledi wei! :p) recently got married to Yi Toung and had their marriage registration done in Putrajaya. I had the pleasure of shooting the ROM for them and here are some of my favourite shots :)



Prior to the registration ceremony, we spent half an hour taking some casual portraits at an area nearby the registration building.






Congratulations again you two! Have fun during you pre-wedding honeymoon in Europe and don’t forget to buy me a souvenir. Or better yet, bring back a ‘leng chai’ for me! Hehe..see ya both soon!

September 17, 2008

Ea Wei & Pat’s ROM

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I recently had the pleasure of shooting Ea Wei and Pat’s ROM in PJ. I’ll also be shooting their church ceremony and dinner reception end of this month so it was great to be able to cover their ROM session first since it also meant we had more time to bond and they had more time to get used to being in front of the camera ;)

Ea Wei’s a photography enthusiast and he kept on telling me that he wasn’t a good model. Judging from what I saw on that day, I must say that he and Pat do make good models as they knew what I was trying to convey.So even if both of you keep on telling me you’re not good in front of the camera, I know you’re lying. Heheheh…

Here are some of my favourite shots from the day. Enjoy!

Ea Wei’s brother and Pat’s sister must’ve been laughing over some dirty joke ;p Hehe…I kid, I kiiid.

During the ring exchange

After the ROM, we took a couple of minutes to take some casual portraits outside :)




Ea Wei and Pat, I am so looking forward to shooting your wedding! See you both soon :D

September 14, 2008

Terence & Nicole’s Pre-Wedding Session

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Terence and Nicole are getting married this coming weekend! Woot!

I’ll be heading back to KK again from Thursday onwards and I’ll be shooting their church ceremony as well as dinner reception :)

When I was back in KK last weekend, I had the opportunity to shoot their pre-wedding pictures a day before I headed back to KL. I didn’t know what to expect as I didn’t have much time to recce for new locations and I was a bit worried about the weather as well.

But I was absolutely blessed that day as the ‘normal’ locations we shot at turned out to be awesome and we had ridicilously beautiful weather throughout the session.

It was like somebody up there was thinking, “Ok its time to give Anna some lovin’ since she’s been working so hard lately”. Hehe…thank you, thank you :D

Ok enough of my jabbering on. Here are some of my favourite shots from that day :)



Nicole’s beautiful dress was made by her mother-in-law. Doesn’t she look gorgeous in it?

I love, love both their expression here. So happy!





Looks like a beautiful location doesn’t it? FYI, the grass was a minefield of cow dung and the smell wasn’t exactly potpourri ;p


At the start of our ‘wet and salty’ part of the session. Heheehee…



Terence and Nicole, I had tons of fun that day :) Thank you two for being so accommodating, for being gung-ho enough to get wet during the ‘wet and salty’ part of our session, for trusting me whenever I asked you guys to do ’stuff’. Hehehe…can’t wait to see ya both this weekend!

Cindy & Matthew - Wedding Reception

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Besides shooting (not literally!) baby Isaac when I was back in KK, my main purpose for going back was to cover Cindy and Matthew’s wedding reception at the Shangri-La Tanjung Aru Beach Resort. 

Cindy and Matthew are both Malaysians, who ironically met in Ireland :p They contacted me via email a couple of months back and I was able to meet them when they flew back to Malaysia a week plus before the reception.

As the reception was a small affair with approximately 100 guests, we had the time to take some casual portraits the morning of the reception. 

All the below shots were taken at the compound of the hotel. Enjoy! :)








Cindy and Matthew, thanks for choosing me before even meeting up with me in person. Luckily for you I’m not a madwoman arrr!! ;p Hehehe…I had fun shooting you both and much thanks to your family members as well for being so nice :)

All the best in Ireland and keep in touch!

September 12, 2008

Carliff Isaac

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I was back in KK last weekend and had the pleasure of meeting Carliff Isaac, the newest addition to Carliff Rizal & Niney’s family.

Lil Isaac had just woken up when I arrived at the house and I spent the next hour just snapping candid shots of him while Niney was feeding and playing with him.

Here are some of my fave shots :)







Olivier and Nadia - Couple Portraiture

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Olivier and Nadia recently got married in France and when they headed back to KL, they decided to have a casual portraiture session to celebrate their union :)

I asked the newlyweds how they met and while Nadia’s version was simple - that they had met during salsa classes. Olivier’s version was a bit more physical - that when they were practising a dance, Nadia elbowed his head. Hahahaha! :p

Our session started off at Tmn Rimba Kiara at TTDI and was wrapped up at Sg Buloh. Here are some of my favourite shots :)






Olivier and Nadia, thanks again for being such great models and I hope you have tons of fun during your wedding reception :) Take care!

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